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Top 10 Questions Asked in Interviews

job interview questions and answers sample

The most important part of a man’s life is Job life. This is the time all face a huge change in their world. After a dreamy childhood and student life, this is the time to face the true reality. All the dreams to be successful face too many hurdles to make a reality. During the process to be a service person from the student life the obstacle we need to pass is the Job interview. Though the process of the interview is pretty much different in different organizations. It differs based on the requirements of the job roles or company expectations. We will identify the common questions and how to prepare for the corporate job interview questions-

Most Common Job Interview Questions And Answers Sample

We accumulated all the frequently asked questions in interviews. But there will be always exceptions based on the job requirement and the interviewer obviously. Also, the questions for the freshers and the experienced candidates are different. Also, the questions might not come in the exact same words. You just have to be smart enough to relate the questions and give the correct feedback accordingly.

1. Tell Me About Yourself

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For most of the candidates, this is the first question they face in the viva board. This is very common and the easiest conversation starter. Though it seems a pretty simple question, still this is also the most important part of your interview. The employer gets the first impression about you from this part. This first impression might affect the whole interview process, which we call the halo effect.

Also, this is the best chance for you to sell your greatest achievements related to your job role. You can give hints about the previous successful events of your life but don’t elaborate on the points. Let the interviewer feel interested and ask you further questions on that point. Then you can share the whole story where you did awesomely and can impress the viva board.

So, you should prepare for the corporate job interview questions with the answers you want to tell the interview board before you face it. Introduce yourself briefly. Share your last working position, and any other leadership roles you played in the previous organization or in your educational institutes. Share any additional related degrees or courses you have completed or in progress. Focus on the Job role and find out what might make you the best candidate for that position. Summerise them and present them in a nice way as your introduction. Prepare them finely so you can present them in a very fresh and appealing way.

2. How Would You Describe Yourself?

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Another form of the conversation starter could be this question. Though the employer asking this question sounds pretty casual. You might feel they want to know about you. That is true that they want to know more about you. But the purpose is to find out how perfect you are for that position. So, learn what would be your job role and prepare the answer in a way that includes all your experience and positive achievements related to that job.

If that position is for any managerial (could be junior/mid/senior) position, make sure you add some of your previous activities that present the leadership attributes of your character. They could ask you about examples and cases based on your previous leadership roles. So, make sure you have examples ready for that. So, it would become a very important part of how to prepare for the corporate job interview questions.

3. What Are Your Biggest Strengths?

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This is one of the most common interview questions for corporate jobs. This question gives you the best opportunity to talk about both your technical skills and soft skills. Don’t just give out some good adjectives. Rather try to pick one or a few special qualities which can be related to the job role you are aspiring for.

You need some good examples to support your strengths. Stories or interesting events are always more appealing than general discussions. If there is something you wanted to bring out front to make yourself a better-suited candidate, but you did not get the chance yet, this is the perfect time to express that. Prepare for the corporate job interview questions with all the best examples you have of similar kinds.

4. What Are Your Biggest Weaknesses?

For more details click on this link What is Your Biggest Weakness? – Interview Question

This part is really tricky. The interviewer here trying to gauge your self-awareness and honesty. Out of pure honesty if you expose any of your weaknesses which is directly contradicted with the job role they are considering – your chance of failure is 99%. Again if you being stubborn try to impose that, you are too perfect, no weakness. That won’t work either. Rather you have to find that fine balance and share some weaknesses which don’t directly affect the job role and you are already working on improving that.

For Example, you might not be a very good public speaker. But to overcome that, you might take online courses or even projects in the present companies where public speaking is needed. You can give such examples as a weakness if asked for.

5. Why Do You Want To Leave Your Current Job?

For more details click on this link Why Leave Your Present Job? – Interview Question

This is another tricky part where you should never focus on the discomforts of the previous job. Rather you should focus on the future prospects of the new job. Don’t even think of sharing how difficult your boss is or the previous work environment is. Because your explanation of difficulties would sound like complaints. That might also create a sense of incapability for you to manage the situation. It would also make you look like the people who gossip and you would probably do the same about the new employer also in the future.

So, focus on the new learning opportunities, facilities, growth opportunities, and other positive aspects of the new job. Explain why this job is important and attractive to you.

6. Why Do You Want To Work Here?

For more details click on this link Why Do You Want To Work Here? – Interview Question

This is the part where you have to prove you are serious enough and did the required groundwork about the company. You must give some analytical data based on your study about the company. How that relates to your long-term career goal, how that helps you to grow, how that creates more job satisfaction for you etc are the answers you can choose.

It is not wise to focus on just the distance between home and the office or the salaries/bonuses. Rather focus on the positive and unique factors about the company, praise the positive steps or activities which you learned about this company before coming to the interview. But make sure that doesn’t sound like cheap flattering words. When you prepare for the corporate job interview questions you must prepare some strong reasons or motivation for joining the organization.

7. If We Ask About Your Dream Job How Would That Be?

For more details click on this link How Do You Picture Your Dream Job? – Interview Question

The employer tries to understand better if the position you applied for is really the best suit for you and the company. They would like to make sure you are not surprised or heartbroken after joining the company. This question will also try to find the answer if you will be motivated enough. If your personal values are aligned with the company terms and values. The answers to these most common interview questions for corporate jobs help the interviewer judge the candidate’s nature.

So it is super important to study the company terms and values before facing the interview. You have to learn about the work environment and job role expectations for the post you applied for. Then you have to draw the image of your dream job in a way it somehow matches the position you applied for. Try to include words that somehow symbolize teamwork, cooperation, support, dedication, etc in the team. Cause, in most of the cases they will expect these factors from you while working in the team.

8. Why Should We Hire You?

For more details click on this link Why Should We Hire You? – Interview Question

This is the second lifeline for the candidate. Just think another way. This question is like – what if I give you another chance to convince me? or have you missed anything to mention? So, now you know the importance of this question. What would you tell to make yourself the best suitable candidate among all the other candidates whom you don’t even know?

The best part to start with would be your past experience of doing similar work as the applied one. Then your career goal and the alignment of the job role with that, how that will keep you motivated and interested. How dedicated you are to such works and how that would benefit the company- mention these facts with quality words and real-life examples supporting your mentioned facts.

9. What’s Your Leadership/Management Style?

For more details click on this link What Is Your Leadership Style? – Interview Question

This is a deep question that shows the Emotional Intelligence or the psychological pattern of your thinking ability. How do you deal with your emotions during the decision-making process. How do you guide the team when there is a critical decision needed.

Instead of jumping into some theoretical leadership technic from the books, it is better to give examples. You can give examples of situations you handled well with the team, a decision you made that helped to solve a problem and made the team happy, plans you made which helped to achieve the group goals, etc.

10. What’s Your Goal For The Future?

Another one of the most common interview questions for corporate jobs is to check your ambition and the ability to think deeply. Also to understand if your goal is aligned with the post you are applying for. They would like to find out how long you have the intention to stay in the company.

So, your answer should cover two segments of the future. One goal should be for midterm like for 5 years. Another one should be the final goal of your career. You need to think about how long the post you are applying for can take you within 5-7 years. That can be your goal for 5 years.

Then for the final goal, you might share your aspiration for the top position of the organization you are applying. Or you can share another personal entrepreneurial goal that you would like to achieve by the end of your career. You must be careful regarding the goals that don’t go against the company’s expectations too harshly.

So, you need to study these questions which are very common in the interview. By preparing answers to these questions you can prepare for the corporate job interview questions. Also there are many other factors like the first impression you can make in the interview or the confidence you can show in the interview. You can go through the links and learn them all.

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