Describe Yourself- How to Answer for Job Interview

For most of us, the interview is the gateway to get our dream job. Your knowledge and capabilities related to the job might not be enough. If your preparation of the most common interview questions is not good enough. There are times when Interviewers ask – Describe yourself. If you are not prepared for that question you might get puzzled. As you have so much to describe you yet nothing might not come in the mind in an organized way.

During the interview, this question could be another form of a conversation starter. Though this question might sound pretty casual when the employer asks that. It might seem that they just want to know about you more. There is no doubt that they want to know more about you. But the purpose is only to find out how you fit for that position.

So, try to learn what would be your job role. Then prepare your answers including all your previous experience and the related achievements. If that position is for any managerial (could be junior/mid/senior) position, make sure you add some of your previous activities that present the leadership attributes of your character. They could ask you about examples and cases based on your previous leadership roles. So, make sure you have examples ready for that also.

You should not avoid anything interesting to mention even though that is already in the CV. Yes, they can find those things from your CV. But also in real cases, it might be the 1st time your interviewer is looking at your CV. So, there could be many things they might not notice. For you, this is the chance to make sure nothing important is missing from the CV.

Make sure all your important attributes and achievements related to your post is brought in front of the interview panel. You should briefly mention those attributes and capabilities in a way, that can create curiosity in the mind of the interviewers. You must have some good examples to back your answers. So, when they ask further questions regarding your achievements, establish them.

So, in simple words, this question is your chance to sell your stronger attributes to the employer. With good preparation and application in the interview might drive the whole interview to your strongest zone. Where you can rather drive the interview where your strength lies, instead of the unknown or uncomfortable parts interviewer might take you to.

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