How to Memorize Something Fast: Best Techniques

Memorize Something Fast
Memorize Something Fast

For many reasons, we need to remember quite a lot of things in our lives. The reasons could be for study, Job, or any other professional reasons. Also, the reason could be as simple as our survival instincts. Human or animals seems to remember the dangers or the sources of foods from their past experiences. Whatever the reason, whenever we need to remember or process long data, many struggles a lot. We will share the best techniques of how to memorize something fast.

Techniques To Memorize Something Fast

There are many techniques to memorize fast. But the technique & the process depends on the purpose mostly. First, you need to understand properly what you are trying to memorize & why you need to do that. After that, you can decide the suitable memorizing technique for you. Sometimes you need to memorize the whole data exactly same to same. Again, sometimes you just need to learn the terms or the sequences only but not the whole thing as it is.

How to Increase Your Capability to Memorizing Something Fast

Everyone has a different level of memorizing capabilities. Some have genetically sharper memories, some gained it through a lot of practice, and many acquired the ability by nature-demand for their own survival. Nevertheless, we can work to increase our capability to memorize better by some regular activities & techniques.

Understanding the Logic & Clearing the Concept

If you want to increase your capability to remember things for a longer period of time, you need to start working on clearing your conceptual skill. You need to understand what you are reading or learning. Also the logic behind the things you are learning & how they are formed, this detailed knowledge will increase your capacity to understand the logic more. If you know the logic & the concepts are clear, these things tend to stay in the memory for longer periods.

Visualisation Practice

Another step you can take to increase your memorizing capability is the visualization practice. You can start visualizing the things you are trying to memorize. While you are reading or learning something, try to visualize that in your mind. If you can picture that thing properly then your mind will be able to remember it for a long time.

Meditation to Focus

One review led by specialists in Boston observed that incessant reflection appeared to support the cerebral cortex of its subjects’ cerebrums. Mental activities such as learning, focus, and memory are handled by the cortex. Regular meditation boosts blood flow to the brain, which strengthens the cerebral cortex’s blood vessel network and improves memory ability. According to one study published in a prominent cognition publication, meditation for 20 minutes each day improves memory and concentration.

Eating Healthy Foods For Brain

In order to increase the capacity of your brain, you need to provide supplements to the brain as well. You need to consume healthy foods to stay active. Also, there are foods that help nourish the brain to increase memorization capacity.

These results suggest that eating foods rich in omega-3s, such as oily fish (salmon, mackerel, tuna, sardines) may boost brain function. People can also get omega-3s from soybeans, nuts, flaxseed, and other seeds.

Foods like dark chocolate, coffee, nuts, berries also help in various ways to the health of the brain. In the long run, it will help to increase the health & capability of the brain. As a result, your memorizing capability will increase.

Sleep Enough

Relaxing does help your brain to recover from the stress & damages done over the days. Sound sleep in the night helps to regenerate brain cells. So, it is very important to maintain a good sleeping cycle with a minimum of 7-8 hours to sound sleep.

Training the Brain

There are lots of exercises & games to train your brain to memorize faster. Games like Puzzles, Suduko, Different card games where you need to use your brain to remember a lot of information. By doing these fun activities you will not feel bored. But at the same time, your brain will be worked out enough to stretch the memorizing capacity.

Practicing the 3 R’s of Memorization

In addition to the activities that help the memorizing capability, we must understand the process of memorization. That process can be explained nicely by 3 R (Registration, Retention & Recall). That means you need to first record a new memory with the intention to save for the long term. Then you need to work to retain that memory for a long term instead of a short term memory. At last, you need to work to develop the process to recall the memory whenever needed.

By Practicing this 3R regularly you will be able to find out the best mechanism for you to memorize something faster.

How to Memorize Something Fast

Here again, you can do everything possible in the world to increase your capability. But still, your memorizing capability is limited. And eventually, you have to try your best to memorize things with the capability you have. So, we will share some tips on how to memorize faster.

Tidy Up Your Workplace & Organize

Carefully organize the place where you do most of your study. A well-organized study place will really help you to focus on your subject easily. Also, you will feel less disoriented. The perfect focus on the topic will help you register the things you are learning clearly. In the end, these learnings will last longer in your memory.

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Choose a Calm Place

A calm place will help you to focus more & more focus will give you more detail of the subject you are learning. Thus the memorization process will be faster. A calm environment will help your brain to feel relaxed. A relaxed brain performs much better than a stressed brain. There are many studies to support that claim. So, choosing a calm place can definitely help you memorize something fast.

Study in the Morning Time

Studying in the morning time is another tip we can give you for memorizing something faster. Because after a sound sleep at night, your brain is at its best capacity in the morning. Also, the calm ambiance in the morning does help the memorizing process. You can keep your most difficult subjects for the morning to study & memorize.

Take Foods that Help Focus & Data Processing Power

There are foods like dark chocolates or coffee which do help to memorize faster. The caffeine found in coffee has a number of positive effects on the brain, including increased alertness, improved mood & sharpened concentration. Drinking coffee over the long term is also linked to a reduced risk of neurological diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. This could at least be partly due to coffee’s high concentration of antioxidants

Take Small Notes

You can take small notes during the learning process. While trying to memorize a long passage or steps of a big process, you can always take small notes from time to time of the critical points. These small points will help you remember the larger explanations related to these small notes. Thus you can memorize something pretty big by just memorizing the small notes of critical starting points.

Make Posters/ Post Cards to Revise Repeatedly

There is another option to learn & memorize something too long or difficult to remember but is needed for a long time. You can make beautiful posters or postcards to study these repeatedly. You can stick the posters to a place where you daily seat for a certain time. Thus you will get the opportunity to revise the contents every day. Also, making small postcards of things you need to memorize will allow you to take these cards anywhere you go. Any time of the day if you get some free time, you can easily revise those. Repeated study of anything will make it a long-term memory for you.

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