How to Prepare For Your First Marathon

Prepare for first marathon

If you want to give your best in the first marathon of your life, taking adequate preparation is a must. This preparation applies both physically and mentally. This will not only give you strength but also will give you reason. Our guidelines will tell you what the challenges are there and how you can prepare best for your first marathon to overcome the challenges.

Basics of Marathon

Marathon is a long-distance race. It was first invented in Greece. Marathon was firstly known as a competition at the first Modern Olympics in 1896. It occurs in many divisions including running, walking, and racing with a wheelchair. The race occurs within a specific group according to their age and gender. The route distance for a marathon is approximately 40 kilometers. The race must be finished within 6 hours. Over 800 marathons occur in this world around every year.

Challenges of participating in the marathon

We all face challenges in our first times. It gets harder for us if we don’t follow proper guidelines. There could be so many challenges up ahead. But we need to be very well aware of the major challenges. So that we can avoid those & prepare for the first marathon perfectly.

Lack of Confidence

We all feel anxious and nervous the night before our exams. We also feel the same before our marathon. We think we didn’t have adequate training. Overthinking is normal at this point. And coping with this lack of confidence is the toughest challenge.

Not Having The Purpose

You want to participate in the race but you don’t know why you want to. Believe me, you are not going to last in the long run. Just ask yourself why you wanna run this race. Do you need to do so? If you don’t have the answers then you can’t be desperate in the long run. And by this, you won’t see any progression.


Dehydration is a common thing in a long-run race. Your body continuously loses its fluids. Even if you take a lot of fluids, the body is losing salt too. And this affects your body a lot causing dehydration.

Lack of Nutrition

Your body needs the fuel to burn in the race. But as the carbohydrates burn fast, your body starts burning the stored fat. Due to this, you start having fatigue and body pain.

Not Sleeping Properly

Because of the stress, we often can’t sleep the day before our race. And on race day, we feel tired because of our inappropriate sleep pattern.

Health Issues:

Having minor to major health problems is a big challenge here. One can have blisters, fatigue, and tendonitis as a minor problem. The biggest health issue is having a cardiac arrest.

So we have pointed out the challenges. Now we’ll tell you how you can prepare yourself for the marathon.

Learn to Prepare For the First Marathon

The preparation for the marathon should be as simple as possible. Remember, anything stressful will lead you towards a bad marathon day.

Don’t do Too Much Running

You don’t need to run too much the day before your marathon. It can make your muscles sore. Give your muscles proper rest so that you can give your best run on the marathon.

Adequate Fuel for Energy:

Glycogen is the fuel that our liver burns for energy. Now you must be thinking about where you can find it. Glycogen is made from Carbohydrates. So have a big meal of carbohydrates such as noodles or rice. Also, have chews, gel, or anything sugary in every 30 mins of the race.

Don’t Run in New Shoes

The idea of wearing new shoes on race day may run in your head. But stop. Your shoes are perfect unless you see a defect in their sole. You can run up to 300-400 miles with a pair of shoes. So you don’t need to buy a new pair for the race.

Shed off the Extra Baggage:

Please don’t keep too many things in your baggage. Because it adds extra weight to your body and may slow your speed. So just take the necessary things only.

Start Slower and Finish Faster

The biggest mistake that most people make during a marathon is to give full energy in the starting. If you start your race at full speed, you won’t find any energy later. That’s a bad strategy. It will make your body tired. So the good idea is to save energy and complete the race with it.

Run with Your Mind:

Please, have the run with not only your feet but also your head. Your mind is the boss here. Talking to yourself, having your special methods, playing mind games, and listening to your body’s sound can be examples here. Motivate yourself by saying quotes like “You can make it”, “You are strong enough ”. From these, your mental strength will be increased. And undoubtedly your mental strength is as crucial as your physical one.

Target to Finish not to Win:

Make sure your only target will be to finish the race. Don’t rush to win. You won’t believe that if you aim to win then you will be the biggest loser. Remember, it’s a long run, not a short race. Your only target should be ending the race.

Have a Mindset to be Kind to Others:

Please don’t think that you will lose if anyone goes faster than you. No, that’s wrong. First of all, they may use their full energy in the first 2 kilometers of the race. However, even if they are ahead of you in the long run, so what? Your dreams are not only for one day. They might have a far better experience than you. They must have tried a lot in their life to be who they are today. This is your first race. So just give your best and focus on that. Be kind to others as you want them to be kind. don’t block their path if they go ahead of you.

Use a Smart App for Tracking the Fitness & Distances

You can use a fitness tracking app or any running app to help you understand the number of calories & distance you already passed. Some apps might even help to guide you through the entire running program. Choose a suitable & convenient app before you set for the first marathon of your life.

So now you have got how you can prepare to give the best for your first marathon, we hope that your dream becomes true. Don’t be sad even if you don’t get the expected results. Remember one thing, “Dreams never get wasted.”.

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