How To Make The First Impression At Best

Importance of First Impression in the Interview.

When you appear in the interview, your employers get a first impression of you as a person or as the candidate. They picture you as something based on the initial appearance of you which is called Halo Effect. That might be completely different than the true self of you. Some become able to outrun the first impression in the interview with their extraordinary performance later on. But many don’t get the chance. It is very important to make the impression at best to offer your best compatibility image to the interviewers.

Why The First Impression In The Interview Is Important

The first impression is so important in interviews that, it might decide how your entire interview process will go on. Different studies showed that, it takes approximately 21 consequent good experience with a person to make up for one bad experience with that person. So it is clear that, if you mess up at the start, it is very difficult to come back strong. As your every effort might fail you again as the impression is not in your favor.

First Impression Depends On What

The complete answer should be, it depends on everything. How you walk, how you approach, how you seat, how you talk first, how is your hand shake and many more. But if we want to sort them out for you this should be somewhat like below –

  • On your appearance and body language it depends 55%
  • How you talk, your intonation, your pacing and inflection will define 38%
  • And on the verbal content or what you talk only defines 7% of your first impression.

How To Secure First Impression At Best

To secure the first impression at best there are some tips we will share with you. Some of those tips are intended for women and some are for men. And there are some common tips too for both men and women.

Tips For Both Men & Women

  • Do maintain a beautiful smile in your face throughout the interview. And maintain polite eye contact with all of the interviewees especially with the person talking to you. The purpose is to make you look confident, friendly and positive.
  • Your introduction and the handshake tells a lot about you. While introduction and the handshaking, extend your hand first, a firm grip is needed and be the last to let go.
  • Arrive at least 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled interview time.
  • Switch off your phone or completely silent your phone. Not even the vibrating mode should be allowed.
  • Don’t wear heavy perfume or cologne. Many can not inhale and tolerate heavy perfume. Also, it does not feel perfect for a corporate environment. Do wear perfume but a sober one.
  • You should never smoke or drink before going to the interview.
  • Don’t enter the interview with the chewing gum in your mouth.
  • There should be no tattoo in any place which can not be covered up with the interview attire.
  • Don’t go with unusual or strange hair colors or hairstyles.

Tips For Women

  • Be extra careful about your dress up. Avoid wearing short skirts or lingerie-style blouses under suits.
  • Don’t wear mule shoes or any other shoes which are too party type and contrary to corporate attire.
  • Don’t wear gaudy or flashy jewelry. Should avoid any heavy ornaments.
  • Regarding hair, you should not go with ponytail or braid as those don’t look professional.
  • Do wear some makeup. A tasteful makeup shows attention to detail. Studies showed this helps the women to win negotiations. But don’t wear too much makeup.

Tips For Men

  • Wear tailored shirts for trim bodies and full-cut shirts for larger physiques. Don’t wear trendy clothing or fashion products which are unusual.
  • Go with clean shaved or trimmed beards. Don’t carry your beard and mustache uncared.
  • Don’t go with any unusual or strange hairstyles or colors.

Another way of creating the first impression at best is to be confident in attire and attitude. You should learn how to be confident in interviews. And to be confident you should learn about what are the tests there could be in the interview and the most common questions that might be asked in the interview. Once you know what is coming ahead you can act accordingly to ensure the best first impression from the beginning.

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