Describe Your Future Goal Perfectly

What Is Your Career Plan

This question is often asked in the interview to check your ambition. Also, they can then judge your vision and your approach to achieve that goal. Once you share your goal, they can analyze your present attributes and can decide if your goal is realistic enough. Describe your future goal perfectly. So, they can be sure if the organization’s goal is aligned with your goal.

To answer the question perfectly you will have to be prepared. So, before going to the interview you must think and research how to best answer this question. Prepare everything about the most common interview questions can be asked in the interview. To prepare for the questions you must know why they ask you about your future goal. How do they gain by that? Why would they bother even?

Why Do They ask About Your Future Goal?

  • They want to know more about your thought process. What you value most and how do you plan to achieve that,
  • It is important that they know what motivates you and if that is aligned with the things that the organization can offer,
  • Another reason could be to check how realistic you are while setting your target,
  • They would like to make sure your goal and the organizational goal does not contradict,
  • Organizations with a long term plan for the post would like to employ someone with an aligned future goal.

What You Should Never Say As Your Future Goal

  • They are not interested in your personal plan or the goal if that is not somehow benefiting the organization. So, avoid discussing your family plan, your hobbies, or materialistic targets (Money, Property, etc).
  • Don’t set a goal that is not aligned with your present experience or the steps you have takes so far. Like when you are applying for a salesman job, no point mentioning your goal to be the best technician in the company.
  • Goals that sound like you have no plan or ambition will not help. Answers like “I just want to work in this company” & “let’s see where life takes me” will prove you a targetless person. Organizations want employees to fulfill their organizational goals. So, they need persons who value the targets and can plan to achieve them.

How To describe Your Future Goal Perfectly

  • Research about the company and the post you applied before going to the interview. It is really important you know the vision and mission of the organization. Learn what is the expectation of the organization for the post you applied. Your goal should be based on that,
  • Before going to the interview develop a broad but focused career plan.
  • The goal should be realistic and relevant to the job you applied. It should support your past education and professional background too.
  • Start with your short term goal like mastering any specific skills or leading the team within a few years,
  • Slowly build on for the long term goals like getting to the top positions of that organization realistically possible by your background and capabilities,
  • Your goals should be focused on your employer and there should be an indirect relation to your goal how that can add value to the organization,
  • Your goals should be generalized rather than too specific, so there could be some room to adjust if needed.
  • Keep your goals focused on your final achievements after a certain period rather than the salary or compensation you expect.

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